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Fabrics-based NVMe storage transport protocol

Expect NVMe to supplant SCSI and SAS protocols for SSD storage and NVMe over Fabrics to find a place in high-end networking deployments for transporting data.


Demystifying flash pricing

What do math problems and determining the true cost of flash have in common? You need all the facts to get the right answer, and they're both really hard.


What does flash really cost?

If you want to add flash storage, it's important to consider the cost per IOPS and gigabyte compared to HDD volumes, as well as the difference between consumer and enterprise SSDs.


Kaminario K2.N supports composable infrastructures

Kaminario's K2.N all-flash infrastructure creates multiple virtual arrays from clustered resources. Compute nodes and NVMe shelves connect via RDMA over Converged Ethernet.

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    Looking at NVMe storage technologies today and tomorrow

    The speedy NVMe SSD is the caviar of storage technologies, and it comes with a price tag to match. Luckily, NVMe isn't a necessity for every data center.

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    3D XPoint

    3D XPoint is memory storage technology jointly developed by Intel and Micron Technology Inc.

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    RRAM or ReRAM (resistive RAM)

    RRAM or ReRAM (resistive random access memory) is a form of nonvolatile storage that operates by changing the resistance of a specially formulated solid dielectric material.

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