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  • Choosing the best server OS: Linux vs. Windows comparisons

    When choosing the best commodity server OS for a data center, you have various Windows and Linux options. But server OS comparisons account for a server's function; the difficulty of installation, configuration and maintenance, security and stability, and support offered. Continue Reading

  • The TPM chip: An unexploited resource for network security

    The TPM chip developed by the Trusted Computing Group is installed in most new desktops, laptops and servers. It can be used to strengthen user login authentication, protect against unauthorized software modification, and fully encrypt hard disks and removable media -- but there have been some controversies about its use. Learn in this tip how to take advantage of the TPM chip to improve network security. Continue Reading

  • Flash-based solid-state disk vs. DRAM-based solid-state disk

    The solid-state disk market isn't new, but there is a whole new group of entrants to it, with a new approach. Find out which makes the most sense for customers -- flash-based solid-state disk or DRAM-based solid-state disk -- and what the key supplier concerns are. Continue Reading

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