SSD utility and application tools

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  • SSD purge (solid state drive purge)

    SSD purge is the process of returning a flash memory device to its original state at the time of manufacturing and effectively erasing any data that has been written to the device. A purge is sometimes called a hard reset or digital sanitization.  

  • solid-state storage

    Solid state storage (SSS) is a type of computer storage media that is made from silicon microchips. 

About SSD utility and application tools

This topic section on SSD utility and application tools offers the latest on solid state cashing applications, solid state acceleration applications; automated storage tiering; solid state storage in virtual desktop and virtual server environments; solid state monitoring and configuration applications; and business applications designed or adapted for solid-state storage. This topic will cover SSD applications, including the emerging ecosphere of applications that are being developed around solid state storage that take advantage of solid state's fast performance.