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  • The security risks of URL-shortening services for enterprises

    URL-shortening services have become a security threat to organizations. Expert Dave Shackleford explains why and how to mitigate the risks of shortened URLs. Continue Reading

  • Questions to answer before hybrid cloud adoption

    Hybrid cloud adoption is growing, as is the understanding of what a hybrid cloud truly is. It is more common now for people to agree on what constitutes a hybrid cloud -- with shared ideas on the essential ingredients: self-provisioning, pooled resources, measuring and elasticity. Hybrid cloud advantages include moving workloads between private and public clouds as needed to allow a business to meet demand while controlling costs. Achieving these efficiencies, however, requires a strategy. Otherwise, the opportunity for an effective hybrid cloud initiative will be lost.

    This three-part guide examines the questions admins should ask before hybrid cloud adoption. Some apps are not suitable for a public cloud, and a company with sensitive data may be wary about removing that information from an in-house server. Also it's important is understand that your network needs to be prepared for hybrid cloud integration, as failing to check that can create problems, including latency issues.

    Once a business has decided to proceed with hybrid cloud adoption, having a plan for acquiring, using and managing cloud services will go a long way. Many businesses are using more cloud vendors than they realize, creating confusion and unnecessary expenses. It's also worth considering tiered-storage architecture, including placing the primary storage system on the private cloud and the secondary storage on the public cloud.

     Continue Reading

  • Compare AWS vs. Azure vs. Google big data services

    Big data services are an attractive cloud lure for enterprises. AWS, Azure and Google are fighting for number one, but who will come out on top? Continue Reading

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