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  • Cloud medical imaging platforms proving to be safe and effective

    Healthcare providers have a few different types of technology to choose from to help them view and store their imaging data. The content in this handbook differentiates the most frequently used imaging tech, but also illustrates how some of it can be used together.

    In a pair of stories, contributor Reda Chouffani gives an overview of the medical imaging product market. First, he checks off the reasons why care providers are turning to cloud storage options for their imaging needs. It has to do with cost and business flexibility, he reasons. He also describes how healthcare organizations are using vendor neutral archives to collect patient images in a single system. Chouffani also offers advice to providers that are considering purchasing or upgrading their imaging systems.

    Also in this handbook, news writer Kristen Lee interviews a chief information officer who explains why his health organization moved its operations completely into the cloud. He asserts that there's nothing written in health data regulations, such as HIPAA, that should prevent other providers from shifting pieces of their businesses into the cloud. In fact, the CIO says that care providers that aren't using cloud resources are doing a disservice to their patient populations.

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  • Prepare for these multicloud security snags

    The interoperability hurdles that still exist in multicloud environments can create new security headaches for enterprise IT teams. Continue Reading

  • Object storage vs. file storage for cloud applications

    Object storage systems have several advantages over file systems when it comes to storing cloud applications, including data protection, cost and scalability. Continue Reading

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  • Cloud-based data storage for primary data made simpler

    While the number of enterprises that store data in the cloud continues to rise, the amount of data that they store there is still low. Today, public cloud storage is still predominantly used for cold data, archiving or object storage. IT managers are still largely concerned about storing primary data in the cloud for two primary reasons: security is no longer in the hands of the administrator, and cloud transaction times are typically slower than reading or writing data on premises. Because primary data often needs to be frequently accessed and can contain some of a business' most sensitive information, to many storage administrators, it may seem like cloud storage should be automatically ruled out. But that’s not always the case -- including primary data in an enterprise's cloud storage repository often results in a bigger return on investment. Additionally, some primary data, such as applications that generate large amounts of Internet of things data, may ultimately make more sense in a cloud infrastructure. And it might make more sense for business processes, too -- primary data often needs to be accessed from a variety of endpoints, while collaboration is increasingly a must for employees. Numerous cloud file-sharing applications now available on the market can make that possible. For the storage administrator who is weighing the pros and cons of storing more business-critical data in the cloud, this Drill Down will provide the information needed to determine whether data can benefit from and can be secure while being stored in a cloud environment. Continue Reading

  • Colony Brands' cloud-first strategy starts with data warehouse

    Steve Cretney, CIO at Colony Brands, discusses how Amazon S3 and Redshift have played an important role in the company's cloud-first strategy in this SearchCIO video interview. Continue Reading

  • Six reasons IoT storage should be object-based

    Internet of Things data requires a storage system that can scale, as well as support analytics projects. Find out how object storage systems meet those needs. Continue Reading

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