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  • Easier data center SDN deployments would enable private clouds

    Until building private cloud operations with data center SDN and a cloud manager gets simpler, most enterprises will stick with a virtualized data center and public cloud combo. Continue Reading

  • Build cloud web services with microservices

    Building cloud web services with microservices provides benefits, such as scalability, and allows enterprise apps to access new features and tools. Follow these steps for success. Continue Reading

  • The ups and downs, ins and outs, of cloud application delivery

    Cloud application delivery is a pressing concern in IT operations today.

    Whether enterprise applications live in a private or public cloud, enterprise IT is still responsible for making sure employees can access the apps they need -- end of story. This three-part guide will analyze the new options available to enterprises to make sure cloud-based access is optimized for both wired and wireless networks. It looks at the hybrid cloud environment that networking must operate within and how networking pros can optimize application delivery and performance. Find out how some IT pros are overcoming those challenges. Cost is always a concern, so we also consider whether a cloud migration is necessarily a cost-saving situation. Not all applications are meant for the public cloud, and moving them may cost enterprises more.

    The apps employees use may come via private or public cloud, and networking pros need to know how to ensure cloud application delivery while keeping company data and systems secure.

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  • Five tips to overcome OpenStack management challenges

    Enterprises feel a sense of freedom with OpenStack, but management challenges can weigh them down. Use these tips to bolster your management strategy for the open source platform. Continue Reading

  • Companies make the migration to cloud, security remains on premises

    While the effectiveness of traditional security controls depends on the cloud model, many security vendors still need to add cloud delivery to their tools. Continue Reading

  • The security divide between on-premises and cloud infrastructures

    Fenwick & West LLP's IT services are delivered through a hybrid of on-premises, software-as-a-service and cloud infrastructures. "As we straddle the cloud and on premises, our security problems have just broadened," said CIO Matt Kesner.

    The Silicon Valley law firm's experience is typical of the growing number of companies that are running into legacy security obstacles as they move workloads to the cloud. Security technologies designed to protect enterprise applications and data on premises are often ill-suited for cloud infrastructures. We talked to security executives and analysts about what to consider when you're tasked with integrating legacy security systems with cloud services.

    Corporate boards must be ready to defend their fiduciary decisions, compliance actions and, perhaps soon, even cybersecurity preparedness. A growing number of companies are seeking cyber-savvy board members, but it's still far from a majority. Should companies add board members with cybersecurity or cyber-risk experience? We look at both sides of the debate.

    Western Union rolled out a strategy to help its workforce take advantage of cloud services. The program -- dubbed Western Union Information Security Enablement, or WISE -- involved bringing shadow IT into the light, approving cloud services for official use and adding the necessary controls and policies to secure cloud infrastructures. We catch up with the company's senior manager of information security to find out how it's going.

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