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  • Data governance due diligence key to GRC automation success

    Information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter discusses how companies can successfully align GRC automation with existing data governance processes. Continue Reading

  • Prepping your data center for a hybrid cloud architecture

    For many organizations, the preferred entry into cloud computing is via the hybrid approach. With this model, businesses gain elasticity, reduce their capital costs, and pay for only what they use. At the same time, they retain a firmer grip over their IT infrastructure.

    To achieve success with a hybrid cloud architecture, though, you'll need to have your data center ready to meet the challenge. That means aligning the organization's existing virtualized infrastructure with its cloud ambitions. Servers, applications and other data center pieces need to fit together in correct ways so that workloads can move freely to and from the cloud. Otherwise, the hoped-for economies of scale will be lost. A real hybrid cloud, for example, requires automation tools and policies to effectively link public and private cloud resources. Virtualization and cloud technologies can work hand in hand to create a functioning and efficient hybrid cloud. But this won't happen by accident. The right data center know-how and tools must be in place to turn the concept of a hybrid cloud into a working reality.

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  • Beware the hidden costs of open source cloud computing

    Many businesses assume open source cloud is cheaper than proprietary models. But that's not always the case, as many costs are often overlooked. Continue Reading

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  • The fate of the enterprise data center

    The growth of cloud computing has slowed down the growth of the traditional enterprise data center. According to research by Cisco, the industry will experience whopping growth in cloud data center traffic of 5.4 zettabytes between 2013 and 2018. Yet despite how "large and ungainly" it is, CIO expert Harvey Koeppel contends that the enterprise data center will likely stay with us for a few more years. But Koeppel also admits that it's hard to predict the changes that lie ahead for the typical data center, particularly taking into account factors such as digital business and the Internet of Things.

    In this SearchCIO handbook, Koeppel offers CIOs and IT executives five tips on how they can prepare for this enterprise data center of the future. In our second article, CTO Niel Nickolaisen explains why running the data center of the future isn't in his docket -- he's leaving that to the specialists. Finally, technology writer Mary K. Pratt details how, while many organizations today are pursuing cloud-first strategies, plenty of CIOs have compelling reasons for choosing to still keep some services on-premises. Continue Reading

  • A comprehensive look at the path to cloud migrations

    Moving to the cloud can be a challenging endeavor, but, as the saying goes, nothing worthwhile is easy. Follow this guide to cloud migration success. Continue Reading

  • How to troubleshoot VMware vCloud Automation Center issues

    Deploying vCloud Automation Center -- now called vRealize Automation -- may not go smoothly, but there are several key areas to look over when troubleshooting. Continue Reading

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