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  • March 27, 2015 27 Mar'15

    Is hosted private cloud right for your MSP business?

    Mark Cavaliero of Carolinas IT explains how he built a successful cloud services business by spinning out hosted private cloud services.

  • March 26, 2015 26 Mar'15

    Private cloud offers a stepping stone into cloud UC for enterprises

    Enterprises interested in cloud UC are adopting a single-tenant, cloud-based UC model rather than multi-tenant UCaaS.

  • March 25, 2015 25 Mar'15

    HP Helion Rack gives users a helping hand with OpenStack

    HP's new private-cloud-in-a-box, Helion Rack, should speed deployment of private clouds for IT pros unable to jump the OpenStack skills hurdle.

  • February 26, 2015 26 Feb'15

    Purchasing servers in a virtualized world

    Virtualization creates the foundation of a software-defined data center, an arrangement by which all elements of an IT infrastructure are delivered as a service. This requires the virtualization of networks, storage and servers, a configuration that is said to streamline operations, improve uptime, and lower both capital and operating costs. This puts two important questions to the forefront:

    • How does all this virtualization change the requirements of a physical data center?
    • And in what ways do these new realities change how hardware is purchased?

    With software taking an increasingly prominent role in the data center, some IT experts argue that hardware has become commoditized and that conventional thinking about choosing servers needs to be adjusted. Are rackmount servers the right fit for virtualization, or can blades play a role? Does the size of an IT operation determine the best choice of server type? And what factors should be considered in determining whether white box systems can do the job? This chapter looks at these and related questions, including converged infrastructure, to provide insight into how organizations should think about server purchases in an era of the software-defined data center.

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  • SDN efforts increase agility

    Network engineers and data center administrators need to be able to respond quickly to changing business requirements, and software-defined networking helps to facilitate these responses. Agility is often used as a buzzword at higher levels of an organization, but IT needs to take the word and own it in order to stay ahead of the curve. An agile data center requires agile personnel, and having both could be the key to proper software-defined networking transitions. SDN is increasingly promising and may reduce network costs and complexity. The real benefit, though, is that it allows network administrators to control the creation and destruction of their networks using policies and templates, rather than having to type in a command line interface. This quickens the creation of virtual private networks by a significant amount. Continue Reading

  • The cloud's future lies in agility-based hybridization tools

    Agility-based hybridization tools are key to the cloud's future. By using them, new development can exploit all the cloud's value. Continue Reading

  • Five quick links: Managing big data in the cloud

    Cloud computing can streamline big data management and analysis. But, before diving in, be sure to know the latest in cloud and big data technology. Continue Reading

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  • The nuts and bolts of setting up a private cloud

    Private clouds are increasingly becoming a strategy for companies and storage professionals that want to deliver high-availability, low-cost storage through an on-premises cloud service they design and implement themselves. To do so, IT managers must understand the key attributes that define public clouds—elasticity, scalability multi-tenancy and geographically aware systems. But such a long list of technology factors can be intimidating without some guidance from data storage pros on the front lines of designing public clouds.

    Whether you’re just setting up a private cloud or already have one in your organization, our Drill Down is a comprehensive compilation of helpful tips and techniques that will guarantee your cloud journey is without missteps. Learn about object storage, data migration, data transactions in the cloud, and which types of data and applications are a good fit for private clouds. Top technical experts shed light on how cloud storage systems work, and the chief challenges in getting started with a private cloud project. Continue Reading

  • HP Helion cloud platform helps partners, customers enter cloud

    So far, Helion has been generally well-received by HP partners and customers alike. According to partners, the platform reduces the risks for solution providers looking to make the move to cloud. Continue Reading

  • Assessing the private cloud network inside and out

    The key to strong private cloud performance is to evaluate the network for current and future needs. How should admins prep for high-demand workloads and failover? Continue Reading

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