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  • Cloud data transfer remains sticking point in hybrid cloud model

    The blending of in-house and public clouds is challenging, but special attention to networking and data management ensures a smooth implementation to the hybrid cloud model. Continue Reading

  • Cloud risk management: Governance strategies to protect digital assets

    As the digital age continues to strain information governance budgets, many companies have turned to the cloud to reduce data storage costs: Market analyst firm IDC predicts spending on public cloud services will exceed $127 billion in 2018, accounting for more than half of worldwide software, server and storage spending growth. To exert more information governance flexibility and authority, many companies have deployed private clouds controlled through on-site data centers. New and constantly evolving data risks, however, force companies to stay on their toes to make sure information remains secure when storing corporate data in the cloud. In this handbook, learn data protection techniques for the public and private cloud, including advice to mitigate cloud data risks, implement information security best practices and determine which cloud data protection approach is best for your organization. Continue Reading

  • A cloud migration plan for conservative data centers

    Enterprises migrating to the cloud prefer a slow and considered approach that protects sensitive data and ensures performance levels. Continue Reading

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