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  • Cloud-based data storage: Two ways to use the cloud

    Cloud data storage adoption is on the rise, with administrators using the technology for a variety of use cases. George Crump describes some options and where each one works best. Continue Reading

  • Improve storage I/O with caching, tiering technology

    Storage systems are often perceived as performance bottlenecks, with virtualized environments contributing to higher I/O demands and with high-end apps that cannot tolerate latency. To a great degree, solid-state storage devices address many of these performance shortcomings, but in many cases, flash just pushes the bottleneck out into the storage network. While higher speed networks will help address those fabric-based performance obstacles, not all companies can easily upgrade their often extensive data and storage networks. The good news is that there are other, less disruptive ways of improving storage and storage network performance, including a revival of parallel I/O approaches, sophisticated caching methods and automated tiering functionality that matches applications with the appropriate media performance characteristics. Continue Reading

  • Five types of storage virtualization: Pros and cons

    Expert Brien Posey discusses five ways to virtualize storage in an organization. Review the pros and cons of each approach to find the best fit for your data center. Continue Reading

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