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  • July 14, 2015 14 Jul'15

    HP revamps MSA 1040, 2040 arrays with front-end SAS

    HP gives MSA Storage platform a makeover, adding a dedicated front-end SAS connector to MSA 1040 and enhanced flash capabilities to hybrid MSA 2040 SAN arrays.

  • June 05, 2015 05 Jun'15

    Integrating a cloud tier with on-premises storage

    The best approaches to using cloud storage create a seamless integration between on-premises and cloud storage. Integration of a cloud tier with on-premises storage can be accomplished in a number of ways. Some will prefer purpose-built software while others will use the capabilities built into storage systems or hardware gateway products.

    Over the years, cloud backup has gotten more sophisticated and today it's easier than ever to integrate cloud backup with current traditional backup methods. Other new cloud backup applications include the ability to spread backups across multiple clouds and back up data that's created in the cloud.

    Our Purchasing Intentions survey is one of the longest-running and most-comprehensive surveys of storage managers. It chronicles the technologies they're implementing or evaluating, and other initiatives and issues they expect to devote time and money to in the coming year.

  • May 13, 2015 13 May'15

    IBM Spectrum storage beefs up hybrid cloud

    IBM plans to add a new cloud service for capacity planning and performance monitoring, next-gen XIV and multi-tier file and object storage service.

  • May 04, 2015 04 May'15

    EMC World 2015 begins with XtremIO, Data Domain, VCE rollouts

    Day One of the EMC World conference included new product launches of all-flash arrays, data protection, hyper-convergence and enterprise storage arrays.

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  • Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX8700 S3 storage array platform

    The Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX8700 S3 SAN array offers a number of features to help organizations manage large amounts of storage. Continue Reading

  • Chop latency with server-side flash storage

    On-board storage in servers has traditionally meant high-performance hard disk drives. Today that is changing, with server-side flash storage a popular alternative to boost application performance.

    There are a variety of ways to deploy flash in servers, however. And choosing between traditional form factor solid-state drives and PCI Express-based flash -- not to mention emerging technologies such as memory channel-connected flash -- can be challenging. As with any class of technology, each approach has benefits and drawbacks to consider. This handbook looks at the server-side flash market today, explains each server-side flash approach, outlines their strengths and weaknesses, and offers real-world examples to help you decide what's right for your organization.

    If you are evaluating server-side flash, or flash storage in general, this is a must read.

     Continue Reading

  • HUS VM scalable flash array

    The Hitachi Unified Storage VM offers 300 TB of raw capacity and offers storage reclamation, dynamic tiering and high availability. Continue Reading

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  • Backing up virtual machines made simple with recovery in place, VM backup software

    Server virtualization has dramatically changed the process of backing up virtual machines, as well as the options that exist for backup recovery. Perhaps the most innovative of the recovery features is recovery in place. Recovery in place allows a virtual machine (VM) to be run directly from the backup media while a traditional restoration is taking place behind the scenes. Snapshot technology ensures that the backup is not modified as a result of recovery in place and allows any newly occurring write operations to be added to the virtual machine once the restoration is complete, thereby bringing the restored VM up to date. As revolutionary as recovery in place may be, however, implementing it requires proper planning in order to avoid performance and security issues. This three-part guide will discuss how recovery in place works and what administrators must do to avoid common pitfalls. Continue Reading

  • Should flash storage be used for backup performance?

    Adding a high-speed flash storage tier to secondary storage can increase backup performance Continue Reading

  • Essential guide to hybrid flash arrays

    Hybrid flash arrays are growing in popularity, surpassing all-flash. This essential guide dives into hybrid array use cases, tips and precautions. Continue Reading

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