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  • August 03, 2015 03 Aug'15

    On-prem cloud: Storage in a bottle

    Storing important data in the cloud is a non-starter for many organizations. There are number of reasons for this, including legislation, risk and compliance. Oh, and of course, cost. For those organizations, an on-premises cloud could be a promising alternative. In other words, building a storage system that offers the key attributes of cloud storage while avoiding all that scary stuff. In our cover story, you'll find out what it takes to build an on-premises cloud system, the technologies required and what an on-prem cloud offers that traditional storage does not.

    Backup is no longer simply copying data in case something goes wrong. Nowadays, the bleeding edge of backup is about meeting the demands of the "always-on" data center. It wasn't too long ago that meeting these types of demands seemed impossible, but that is changing. You'll find out about the new technologies and approaches that are addressing modern data protection challenges.

    Building an effective disaster recovery (DR) plan requires a detailed analysis of the types of risks it will need to protect against and the impact those risks represent. With our step-by-step roadmap, learn where to focus DR resources and how much to invest in building and maintaining those resources.

  • July 20, 2015 20 Jul'15

    VDI wrangles rogue Windows 10 upgrades

    Free Windows 10 upgrades may prompt users to move before IT is ready. VDI and other strategies can prevent app compatibility issues and helpdesk calls.

  • June 15, 2015 15 Jun'15

    RES Software no longer a one-trick pony

    VMware and Citrix have acquired UEM tools that leave providers like RES Software with little choice but to take their software to the next level.

  • June 10, 2015 10 Jun'15

    New cloud desktop delivers apps and data where VDI can't

    Panzura's DaaS-cloud storage combo one-ups VDI for one firm that needs to make geographically separate employees seem like they work in the same zip code.

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  • Is a storage cache or tiered storage best for VDI performance?

    Tiering and caching can both improve performance in VDI, but a storage cache may be the better option for write-heavy environments. Continue Reading

  • Local storage isn't just for hyper-converged products

    Caching software and the hyper-converged trend has renewed interest in local storage, but you don't need an expensive appliance to see the advantages. Continue Reading

  • The prescriptive nature of converged infrastructure

    Converged infrastructure, or CI, products are gaining notice, thanks in large part to the consolidation benefits they provide. Organizations can upgrade their data center technologies without having to select and install the specific components -- the vendor does the configuring on the customer's behalf. Vendors are going to bolster their offerings, and Gartner Inc. has noted that the maturing CI market is leading to increased competition.

    Since the market is expanding, and thus the CI vendor options for organizations are increasing, IT needs to be sure if the "simple" approach is right for their company. If converged infrastructure is the right way forward, the bundling options should be examined carefully. Since CI products arrive integrated and optimized, there isn't much wiggle room once the hardware is purchased. It's a significant upfront investment, so it’s imperative to vet the various -- and ever-increasing -- options offered by a rising number of vendors.

    This chapter of "How virtualization changes hardware purchases" details the shifting market, where it is and where it could be headed. What are the differences between converged and hyper-converged products? How will CI interact with existing hardware? What should be replaced and what should remain? Which organizations will see significant ROI and which ones will be questioning their purchase? Converged infrastructure simplifies an IT operation, but it is not a simple commitment to make. Nor is it an inexpensive way to go.

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  • Healthcare providers navigating mobile health data roadblocks

    Successful implementations of mobile technology in healthcare organizations depend on strong IT management, from security hardware and best practices, to protect patient data. This edition of Pulse addresses the challenges healthcare IT professionals face when deploying mobile healthcare applications.

    In the cover story, SearchHealthIT news writer Shaun Sutner takes a look at trends in healthcare mobile security, and how IT professionals deal with the specter of a data breach. "It's not a matter of if it's going to happen, but when," explains one CISO.

    Also in this issue: SearchHealthIT news writer Kristen Lee checks in with IT professionals, who tell her "we are absolutely terrified" by the breadth of the threats facing healthcare organizations. Find out what steps they're taking to overcome that fear in this issue of PulseContinue Reading

  • Top five VDI-related help desk questions

    VDI has many benefits, but it will also open the flood gates for help desk questions from users: Why can't I login? Where am I printing? IT better have the answers. Continue Reading

  • Five mobile data loss prevention tools IT needs

    Protecting corporate data is a big job, but IT has a wide variety of tools at its disposal when it comes to data loss prevention. Continue Reading

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