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  • Spinning up a hosted virtual desktop business

    The hosted virtual desktop market has matured in recent years, leading to growing interest for the cloud-based technology among small and medium-sized businesses and channel partners alike. Research projects strong adoption around the corner, and many managed service providers are answering the call by building desktop-as-a-service offerings.

    In this three-part guide, we explore how service providers can develop successful hosted desktop practices. First, we address one of the most fundamental decisions for channel businesses looking to enter the market: Should you build your own data center or utilize another company's? We also examine the state of the desktop-as-a-service, or DaaS, market and some of the past and present challenges for service providers. Finally, we present a case study of an effective hosted virtual desktop deployment and the partnership that made it possible.

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  • Your guide to desktop support certifications

    There are many different certifications from Microsoft, Apple and other vendors. Admins can use these certs to validate their skills and make themselves more marketable to hiring IT shops. Continue Reading

  • How does hyper-converged infrastructure help VDI shops?

    Some hyper-converged infrastructure vendors developed their products with VDI shops in mind. IT can reduce VDI-related headaches with the right HCI platform. Continue Reading

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  • Healthcare providers navigating mobile health data roadblocks

    Successful implementations of mobile technology in healthcare organizations depend on strong IT management, from security hardware and best practices, to protect patient data. This edition of Pulse addresses the challenges healthcare IT professionals face when deploying mobile healthcare applications.

    In the cover story, SearchHealthIT news writer Shaun Sutner takes a look at trends in healthcare mobile security, and how IT professionals deal with the specter of a data breach. "It's not a matter of if it's going to happen, but when," explains one CISO.

    Also in this issue: SearchHealthIT news writer Kristen Lee checks in with IT professionals, who tell her "we are absolutely terrified" by the breadth of the threats facing healthcare organizations. Find out what steps they're taking to overcome that fear in this issue of PulseContinue Reading

  • Top five VDI-related help desk questions

    VDI has many benefits, but it will also open the flood gates for help desk questions from users: Why can't I login? Where am I printing? IT better have the answers. Continue Reading

  • Five mobile data loss prevention tools IT needs

    Protecting corporate data is a big job, but IT has a wide variety of tools at its disposal when it comes to data loss prevention. Continue Reading

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